Du Long IP believes it is our responsibility to reduce environmental footprint and make a positive impact on the planet. We are committed to lead by example through building an eco-industrial park with high sustainability standards. Our sustainable development strategies focus on areas: 

Renewable Energy

Harnessing abundant wind and solar energy resources in the area, connecting solar power to the industrial grid will help alleviate pressure on the EVN power grid and meet the electricity demands for industrial production in Du Long (targeting by 2030). 

Recycling Wastewater

The IP is studying advanced techniques for water recycling.  By exploring innovative water recycling methods, the IP aims to enhance resources efficiency, minimize environmental impact ,and contribute to a more eco-friendly industrial operation technology. 

Wastewater Treatment

All incoming wastewater is rigorously treated in accordance with standards under environmental license GPMT306/GPMT-BTNMT. The central waste water facility can handle a total capacity of 12,000m3/ day-night. 


In the role of an industrial park developer, social responsibility entails not only economic growth but also a conscientious consideration of the community's needs.
This involves adopting ethical business practices, promoting inclusivity, and actively participating in initiatives that enhance the social fabric and environmental sustainability of the region.

Community Service

The IP partcipate in initiatives that enhance the quality of life for local residents and contribute to the sustainable development of the surrounding area. This commitment goes beyond economic interests, emphasizing the importance of fostering positive relationships, addressing community needs, and creating a harmonious coexistence between industrial activities and the well-being of the community.


We deeply care about the human factor by pursuing a working environment where potential risks are anticipated and rigorously controlled, ensuring the lowest possible incident rate. 


Du Long Industrial Park collaborates with the local community to organize volunteer activities to assist families facing hardships and those who have contributed to social development. Together, we spread love, share, and uphold the spirit of 'a good leaf shelters a torn one.' 

Certifications and Awards