A New Investment Hotspot

Ninh Thuan, a province situated in the coastal region of Southern Vietnam, is an ideal investment destination. The province boasts abundant solar and wind energy resources, favorable investment policies, and growing infrastructure network. Driving to Ho Chi Minh now take less than 4 hours. The local government has prioritized infrastructure development in Ninh Thuan, focusing on improving transportation networks, including roads and ports, to enhance connectivity within the region and facilitate trade. These infrastructure advancements are key factors driving the economic growth of the province and attracting investors who seek efficient logistics and transportation capabilities.    

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Abundant in solar and wind energy

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Supportive Investment Environment

The local government of Ninh Thuan is committed to creating a business-friendly environment for investors. They have implemented policies to streamline administrative procedures, reduce bureaucracy, and provide comprehensive support services to facilitate investment processes. Additionally, the province offers preferential land lease terms, tax incentives, and a skilled workforce, making it an attractive investment destination.

Favorable Climate and Rich in History

Ninh Thuan has favorable conditions for agricultural activities, particularly in terms of soil quality and climate. The region has a long agricultural history and is renowned for its high-quality grapes, dragon fruits, and seafood. With a growing demand for organic and sustainable agricultural products, Ninh Thuan presents investment opportunities in agribusiness, food processing, and export-oriented agriculture.  


Boundless Tourism Potential

Ninh Thuan is the destination to Vietnam’s most beautiful resorts and golf courses, adding to its allure as an investment hotspot. The province boasts stunning coastal landscapes, pristine beaches, and a rich cultural heritage.  The region offers tremendous potential for tourism development, including eco-tourism, beach resorts, and cultural attractions. With its close proximity to popular tourist destinations like Phan Rang, Nha Trang, and Mui Ne, Ninh Thuan has the opportunity to tap into the growing tourism market and attract both domestic and international visitors.

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